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Richie Walsh – Owner (right)


Richie began his soccer career in the LYSA recreational league upon moving to Lexington from Cleveland, OH in 1985.  After one year of picking grass/pointing at airplanes and one year of actually playing, Richie tried out for and was chosen for his first travel team, the LYSA Select ’77 Sting.  In addition to The Sting, Richie also played for the Kentucky Kickers Cyclone, Lexington United, and the Kentucky ODP state team.  While his “Legend in his own mind” status blossomed, Richie also joined the referee ranks and spent 12 years on the pitch as an official, and was chosen to represent Kentucky as a referee for the Region 2 Championships.  Having seen both sides of the game as a player and a referee, Richie, thinking he knew it all, decided to begin his coaching career as an assistant coach for the Kentucky Kickers Soccer Club.  In 1998, when LYSA Select merged with the KY Kickers, Richie was a charter member of the coaching staff for the newly formed Lexington F.C. where he continued to coach through the 2012 season.  He was the coach of 3 state championship winners, which according to his wife Rachel and two young children, did nothing to help with his superiority complex.  These days, Richie takes his golf and family time seriously, as well as promoting the growth of soccer in Central Kentucky through the many leagues and programs offered by KY Indoor Soccer and Sports.

Nick Samons – Director of Operations (left)


Born and raised in Lexington, KY. He started playing soccer at the age of 4, and still plays today. Through the years in the game he has had over 24 years experience as a referee. He has officiated at the state, regional, and national level. He also has 16 years coaching experience, 12 years of tournament coordinating , and 18 years of referee assigning. The love for the game began early and still is strong today.