Q. How is the schedule posted in Winter 1 and Winter 2?

A. Due to multiple requests, Ky Indoor plans to publish the full schedule in a timely manner after the registration deadline has passed.  In doing so please note that game changes will not be available. The 8th game is a “final” game.  Since these games are positional, (first place plays second, third plays fourth, etc.), we cannot post them until we have all of the standings completed.

Q. What are the age group classifications?

A. Click here.

Q. What is the start date for Winter 1 and when can we register? What is the cut-off date?

A. Play will begin on Friday, November 10th, for youth teams and the week of November 5th for adults. . The registration deadline for youth teams to register and receive a discount is November 2nd . The deadline for adult teams to register and receive a discount is October 29th.

Q. What is the start date for Winter 2 and what is the registration deadline?

A. This information will be posted in Mid-November.

Q. When will Winter 2 end for Adult teams?

A. Depending on Winter weather, Winter 2 will end about the end of March taking Spring Break into consideration.

Q. Do I really need to fill out an application if my team played the previous season?

A. Absolutely. Phone numbers and e-mails change with some frequency and we want to make sure we have the correct information.

Q. Does my team need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes, a deposit of at least $200 is required upon on-line registration for placement on schedule.

Q. Can youth players be placed on teams or must they come in as part of an existing team?

A. Kentucky Indoor does not have the personnel to form youth teams. We do, however, try to help find a team for interested players. We have a large bulletin board in our building. You are welcome to put information about yourself or a specific player on a 3 x 5 card and post it. The bulletin board is located to the right of the front doors behind Field 2. Teams looking for players are advised to check the board and to then contact the person directly

Q. At what age can I play on an Under 30 Adult team?

A. You must be 18 years of age. If this rule is broken, the underage player will be asked to leave the floor. The only exception to this rule is if an entire competitive team wishes to play “up”. The players cannot be younger then U17. We will require the parents to sign waivers stating their child has permission to play.

Q. What responsibilities does a contact person/team manager have?

A. Each team must name a contact person/team manager who shall be able to speak for the entire team. He/she also assumes financial responsibility and will see that the fees are paid in a timely manner. Youth teams MUST be registered by an adult over 21.  The contact person must have a working e-mail address as it is easiest for us to get in touch with the team in that manner. We would also like a cell phone number. Please have a back-up manager who can represent the team if the contact person/team manager is out of town.

Q. How many players are permitted on the team roster?

A. The number is 14. U8-U12 play 7v7. Older teams play 6v6.

Q. What times are used for Youth games?

A. U5-6 will play 9 minute quarters. All other age groups will play 2-20 minute halves.

Q. What is the penalty for having a non-rostered player? Is a roster really necessary?

A. The Kentucky Indoor staff does not check to make sure each player is legitimate UNLESS a complaint is received. If Team A asks for a roster check and we find an unrostered player on Team B, Team B will receive a forfeit for that and all previously played matches. If a roster check is asked for and Team B has not submitted a roster, the team will forfeit that match. If Team A requests a roster check, they must have submitted a roster themselves. If they have not, no check will be made. ALL REQUESTS FOR ROSTER CHECKS MUST BE MADE DURING THE PLAYING OF THE GAME IN QUESTION. Once the players have left the field, no check will be done.

Q. What happens if my ball is kicked into the rafters?

A. In the past, many people have taken balls which we are not sure actually belong to them. In order to combat this, we now insist that all balls have the owner’s name written on them. We retrieve the balls every few weeks and whoever is working in the Cafe can help you. BALLS WITH NAMES ON THEM WILL BE KEPT FOR 10 DAYS. AFTER THAT, THEY WILL BE GIVEN TO CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS FOR DISTRIBUTION. When you go to the cafe, you may be asked to show your driver’s license in order to retrieve your ball. This is for your protection and we would appreciate your cooperation in this matter. It is important to understand that Kentucky Indoor assumes no responsibility at all when people do not put their names on their balls or someone takes the ball before staff retrieves it.

Q. What time will games start during the week in Winter 1 and 2?

A. We will begin at 6-7:00 pm. If the registration numbers demand it, we will also have games at 11:30.

Q. Is there a schedule showing when teams will play their games?

A. We cannot state with 100% accuracy when age groups will play. Everything depends on the number of teams who register and this changes every season. We can provide the following information, but it is important to understand that these are guesses. The schedules pertain to Winter 1 and Winter 2 matches only. In general, U9-U14 Competitive teams play either on Friday nights or Sundays. U8-U14 Recreational Teams play on Saturdays. JV Boys play on Saturday nights. JV Girls play on Sundays HS Girls, Boys, and Coed teams may play on Friday (late), Saturday (late), Sunday, and at early times during the week. Middle School Coed teams will play earlier then the high school teams, but should be prepared to play as assigned. All teams will be scheduled to play one 0r two Sunday morning game.  Adult Men play on Monday or Sundays nights and may also be assigned to a Wednesday night game. Adult Coed teams play on Tuesday or Thursday and they, too, may be assigned to a different night game. Tuesday is usually the most popular night on which to play. The Tuesday and Thursday divisions may have games on other nights.

Q. What days will Kentucky Indoor close for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays?

A. We will be closed for games on November 23rd, 24th, and due to the the number of weekends lost to the holidays we will play on November 25th.  We will be closed on December 24th and 25th for Christmas.  On December 31st we will close at 6 PM and on January 1st we will be closed for New Year’s day.