1) The first games for all divisions are posted.  (we do only the first game so that when mistakes during registration are made like boys signing up in girls divisions, wrong age group is listed, chose competitive instead of recreational, etc. we do not have to regenerate an entirely new schedule for every division – note all of those examples have happened within the past season)

2) After the first games are played, the system begins generating the next 6 round robin games for every division. Producing and posting games as they are generated over the following 4-5 days once the process begins.  (While the system is generating games, making changes becomes downright difficult/impossible to do as every available game slot is taken for the next 6 weeks; meaning one team looking for a change requires the movement of at least 4 teams total, sometimes more)

3) Once the 7 round robin games are played and the point totals are known, within 1-2 days of completing the game 7’s, we will post the final 8th game.  This game is also known as a placement game or a final match.  1v2, 3v4, etc so that it virtually ensures all teams get one more, mostly even matchup; and hopefully a good, competitive game.