Outdoor Soccer Referee Certifications

Kentucky Soccer Referee Association – Certification Courses Available!

Referees are a critical part of youth soccer! In Kentucky we are always looking for more people who love the game of soccer to become certified referees. We have courses almost every weekend in Lexington between now and the beginning of the season.

Are you…

* looking for a second income
* a current youth player wanting to make some extra $$$
* a College Student looking to make $$$
* a Former player wanting to get back in the game in a new role
* a Parent looking for a way to get involved


* Minimum age is 12 yrs old
* Take and Pass an USSF Entry Level Course

Need to find an upcoming certification course? If so, take a minute to check out the KSRA website and look for upcoming referee courses!



Youth Finals (8th game) will be played the Weekend of Jan 6-8 with a few games played the following week.

Youth Finals will be published on the 2nd or 3rd of January

Adult Finals will begin the week of Jan 9th

Team Manager Dashboard

The Team Manager Dashboard is now available via the link below. In the dashboard, you will be able to manage your team(s) information, manage your team’s roster, and view payments to your team.  Tip: The email you signed up with is your username/login name.   http://kyindoor.com/wp-admin.  A link to the Team Manager Dashboard is also available on the drop down menu under Soccer.


Thank you for visiting our new site.  We are excited about the new services this website will offer to our customers.  There are many new features and changes to help our customers with their Ky Indoor experience.  Please browse through the site for the many updates and changes.

Referee Safety

ANYONE who threatens a referee or staff member at KY Indoor will cause the termination and forfeiture of the game which is in progress or has just ended. Threatening remarks will absolutely not be tolerated

Accident and Health Insurance

In November of 2013, our Accident and Health Insurance policy was cancelled after 10 years. We consequently ask that all of our players sign our roster form and be sure to read the Waiver/Exclusion Clause at the bottom of the page. Thank you very much.

Leagues with an Uneven Number of Teams

In order to ensure that all teams play 8 games, leagues who have an uneven number of teams are handled accordingly: the last 3 teams in the standings each play a half game against the other two teams. For instance: with a 7-team league, #5 plays half a game with #6 and #7. #6 plays a half game with #5 and with #7. #7 plays a half game against #5 and #6.