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Scheduling and No Game Changes

Due to multiple requests, KY Indoor plans to publish the *full season* schedule in a timely manner after the registration deadline has passed. By doing so, please note that game changes will not be available - all game slots will be filled. The 8th game is a "final" game. Since these games are positional, (first place plays second, third plays fourth, etc.), we cannot post them until all standings are complete.

Number of Games

KY Indoor will make every effort to make sure teams get their 8 games. Circumstances beyond our control (weather) may cause a reduction in the number of games, though it's a rare occurrence.

League Setup

KY Indoor may combine age groups in order to form leagues.

Sunday Games

Due to limited weekend game slots, Sunday morning games must be scheduled. However, divisions will be rotated to keep any one division from playing more than 2 games on Sunday mornings per session.

Game Nights

Teams that sign up for a particular league night will have *most* of their games played on that night. However, due to the number of teams that register in the Winter sessions, it is necessary for teams to play on non-league nights. Teams should expect at least 5 of their 8 games to be on the chosen league night. The remaining games could be played on any night (Friday and Saturday nights excluded), depending on the total team registrations for each division.

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