Lexington FC Girls W

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2008's - 11 and Under League Scoreboard

1.Fox Force Eight426125400012
2.Shooting Stars31611530009
3.LFC 2008 Girls Red31313021006
4.Kentucky Kickers 131213-121006
5.LFC Blue338-512003
6.Lexington FC Girls W4622-1604000
7.Kentucky Kickers 24321-1804000


(Home - Away)
Game 1FridayNovember 09#630907:15pmL2Fox Force Eight
Lexington FC Girls W7 - 0
Game 2SundayNovember 18#670710:30amL2Lexington FC Girls W
Shooting Stars0 - 7
Game 3SundayNovember 25#680111:20amL2LFC 2008 Girls Red
Lexington FC Girls W4 - 3
Game 4SundayDecember 02#688101:00pmL2Lexington FC Girls W
Kentucky Kickers 13 - 4
Game 5SundayDecember 09#695702:40pmL1Lexington FC Girls W
Kentucky Kickers 2N/A
Game 6FridayDecember 14#7067N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 7FridayDecember 21#709107:15pmL2LFC Blue
Lexington FC Girls WN/A
Game 8FridayDecember 28#718007:15pmL2Fox Force Eight
Lexington FC Girls WN/A