I'm Not Exactly Creative

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Coed U30 Thursday League Scoreboard

1.Lynagh's FC8522725800024
2.You've Been THANderstruck!946460342011
3.Tottenglam Hotstuff849463341010
5.I'm Not Exactly Creative94152-1125208


(Home - Away)
Game 1ThursdayNovember 08#6299N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 2ThursdayNovember 15#654008:50pmL1Lynagh's FC
I'm Not Exactly Creative9 - 3
Game 3ThursdayNovember 29#655408:50pmL1You've Been THANderstruck!
I'm Not Exactly Creative6 - 5
Game 4SundayDecember 09#657908:35pmL1I'm Not Exactly Creative
Tottenglam Hotstuff7 - 5
Game 5ThursdayDecember 13#659110:40pmL2I'm Not Exactly Creative
IDK4 - 6
Game 6ThursdayDecember 20#6600N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 6SundayDecember 23#660909:35pmL2You've Been THANderstruck!
I'm Not Exactly Creative11 - 8
Game 7SundayDecember 30#661109:30pmL1Tottenglam Hotstuff
I'm Not Exactly Creative5 - 5
Game 7ThursdayJanuary 03#662209:45pmL2Lynagh's FC
I'm Not Exactly Creative7 - 2
FinalsSundayJanuary 06#733207:40pmL1You've Been THANderstruck!
I'm Not Exactly Creative3 - 3
FinalsSundayJanuary 06#733408:30pmL1I'm Not Exactly Creative
IDK4 - 0