The Hooting Bandits

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JV Boys Red League Scoreboard

1.The Wolf Pack8462125620018
2.The Hooting Bandits8472522503018
3.Los Verdes JV83435-1332011
4.Wilmore DT84343035009
5.MC Machine82133-1235009


(Home - Away)
Game 1SaturdayJanuary 12#746108:30pmL1The Hooting Bandits
Los Verdes JV3 - 3
Game 2SaturdayJanuary 19#761509:20pmL1The Hooting Bandits
Wilmore DT10 - 4
Game 3SaturdayJanuary 26#771509:20pmL1The Hooting Bandits
The Wolf Pack6 - 3
Game 4SundayFebruary 03#788209:40amL2The Hooting Bandits
MC Machine7 - 2
Game 5FridayFebruary 08#793509:30pmL2The Hooting Bandits
BlueHawks8 - 1
Game 6SundayFebruary 17#837910:30amL2BlueHawks
The Hooting Bandits4 - 4
Game 7SaturdayFebruary 23#845809:20pmL2Los Verdes JV
The Hooting Bandits5 - 5
FinalsSaturdayMarch 09#866607:40pmL2The Wolf Pack
The Hooting Bandits3 - 4