The Smell of Victory

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HS Coed League Scoreboard

1.Six Figures8683533800024
2.Garsh Uhh Huya9733241620118
4.Drama Queens8492722440012
5.Fireball FC82737-10321210
6.The Smell of Victory92157-3614134
8.The Super Models91565-5006030


(Home - Away)
Game 1FridayJanuary 11#745011:00pmL2The Super Models
The Smell of Victory0 - 9
Game 2FridayJanuary 18#759309:30pmL1rebels
The Smell of Victory8 - 4
Game 3SundayJanuary 27#775806:00pmL2Garsh Uhh Huya
The Smell of Victory9 - 4
Game 4FridayFebruary 01#783011:45pmL1Fireball FC
The Smell of Victory4 - 4
Game 5FridayFebruary 08#8001N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 6SaturdayFebruary 16#834610:10pmL1The Smell of Victory
Six Figures0 - 9
Game 7FridayFebruary 22#8510N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 8FridayMarch 01#852410:15pmL1The Smell of Victory
Drama Queens0 - 9
Game 9FridayMarch 08#860911:00pmL2Drama Queens
The Smell of Victory9 - 0
FinalsFridayMarch 15#868810:45pmL1rebels
The Smell of Victory9 - 0
FinalsFridayMarch 15#868911:15pmL1The Super Models
The Smell of Victory0 - 0