You Cant Handle The Tooth

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Men's Open League Scoreboard

1.Ivory Toast8674522710021
2.Team AU8744925512017
4.The Lads8604911530015
6.Los Tigres86063-3421113
7.Congo FC864631332011
8.Always Saucing85362-916104
9.You Cant Handle The Tooth85474-2016104
10.Shuqba Fc72076-5606010


(Home - Away)
Game 1MondayJanuary 14#755108:50pmL1You Cant Handle The Tooth
The Lads7 - 10
Game 2MondayJanuary 21#802308:50pmL2CKSC
You Cant Handle The Tooth10 - 9
Game 3SundayJanuary 27#805509:30pmL1You Cant Handle The Tooth
Shuqba Fc9 - 0
Game 5MondayFebruary 11#809808:50pmL1You Cant Handle The Tooth
Team AU8 - 16
Game 6SundayFebruary 17#810811:20pmL1You Cant Handle The Tooth
Congo FC6 - 10
Game 7MondayFebruary 25#813007:00pmL1Ivory Toast
You Cant Handle The Tooth13 - 6
Game 9SundayMarch 10#807310:25pmL1Always Saucing
You Cant Handle The Tooth7 - 7
FinalsMondayMarch 18#877607:55pmL1Toasted
You Cant Handle The Tooth8 - 2