Shwinkiewomp Thwompers

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Men's Open Red League Scoreboard

1.Winchester United8703436700121
2.Potato Oles8714427620018
3.Borussia bvb8633627620018
4.Shwinkiewomp Thwompers8614714520115
6.Flaming Diet Dr. Thunder845432440012
8.Garbage FC84465-2135009
9.Out of Shape and Practice84071-3126006
10.Beta Males82484-6006020


(Home - Away)
Game 1MondayJanuary 14#7558N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 2SundayJanuary 20#779811:20pmL2Out of Shape and Practice
Shwinkiewomp Thwompers0 - 9
Game 1MondayJanuary 21#802409:45pmL2Shwinkiewomp Thwompers
MALA8 - 7
Game 3SundayJanuary 27#806111:20pmL2Shwinkiewomp Thwompers
Potato Oles8 - 9
Game 4MondayFebruary 04#808411:35pmL1Flaming Diet Dr. Thunder
Shwinkiewomp Thwompers6 - 5
Game 5SundayFebruary 10#809511:20pmL2Shwinkiewomp Thwompers
Borussia bvb7 - 6
Game 6SundayFebruary 17#811110:25pmL2Spartans
Shwinkiewomp Thwompers6 - 12
Game 7MondayFebruary 25#813511:35pmL1Shwinkiewomp Thwompers
Beta Males12 - 4
FinalsMondayMarch 11#876310:40pmL1Shwinkiewomp Thwompers
Borussia bvb0 - 9