Soccer? I Barely Know Her

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Coed U30 Tuesday League Scoreboard

1.Real Coholics8723636800024
2.Post-game beers8723438710021
3.Average Joes8603624620018
4.Arden's Army8543321530015
5.Magical Manatees84766-19440012
6.Soccer? I Barely Know Her85359-6341010
7.Settlers of ZLATAN83947-835009
8.Los Verdes83845-724208
12.Kickin Penguins83467-3317003


(Home - Away)
Game 1TuesdayJanuary 15#757810:40pmL1Soccer? I Barely Know Her
CreekNation4 - 4
Game 2TuesdayJanuary 22#823907:00pmL2Post-game beers
Soccer? I Barely Know Her10 - 4
Game 3TuesdayJanuary 29#815907:55pmL2Soccer? I Barely Know Her
BBC10 - 4
Game 4TuesdayFebruary 05#817407:00pmL1Real Coholics
Soccer? I Barely Know Her12 - 5
Game 5TuesdayFebruary 12#818810:40pmL2Kickin Penguins
Soccer? I Barely Know Her7 - 11
Game 6TuesdayFebruary 19#819807:55pmL2Average Joes
Soccer? I Barely Know Her6 - 4
Game 7TuesdayFebruary 26#820710:40pmL1Soccer? I Barely Know Her
Magical Manatees10 - 9
FinalsTuesdayMarch 12#882607:00pmL2Soccer? I Barely Know Her
Magical Manatees5 - 7