Not Fast, Just Furious

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Coed U30 Thursday Red League Scoreboard

1.Post Op Malone8653035800024
2.Not Fast, Just Furious8683929620018
3.Bilbao Baggins8544014332011
4.Pinnie Pinchers84144-3332011
5.Sofa King Bad73361-2816003
7.Ballz Deep109-900010


(Home - Away)
Game 1ThursdayJanuary 17#756510:40pmL1Not Fast, Just Furious
Barce-loners13 - 4
Game 2ThursdayJanuary 24#822909:45pmL1Not Fast, Just Furious
Bilbao Baggins10 - 9
Game 3ThursdayJanuary 31#825411:35pmL1Sofa King Bad
Not Fast, Just Furious2 - 11
Game 4ThursdayFebruary 07#826310:40pmL1Post Op Malone
Not Fast, Just Furious9 - 5
Game 5ThursdayFebruary 14#828007:55pmL2Pinnie Pinchers
Not Fast, Just Furious2 - 6
Game 6ThursdayFebruary 21#831107:55pmL1Barce-loners
Not Fast, Just Furious1 - 10
Game 7ThursdayFebruary 28#830109:45pmL1Not Fast, Just Furious
Bilbao Baggins7 - 4
FinalsThursdayMarch 14#880309:20pmL2Post Op Malone
Not Fast, Just Furious8 - 6