Coed Social Thusday League Scoreboard

1.Wii Not Fit8632637710021
2.Delirium Tremens FC84248-6431013
4.Game of Throwins83250-1826006


(Home - Away)
Game 1ThursdayJanuary 17#756611:35pmL1Wii Not Fit
Game of Throwins9 - 7
Game 2ThursdayJanuary 24#823811:35pmL2Delirium Tremens FC
Wii Not Fit6 - 5
Game 3ThursdayJanuary 31#825811:35pmL2Wii Not Fit
WhiteWalkers7 - 2
Game 4ThursdayFebruary 07#826909:45pmL2Wii Not Fit
Game of Throwins9 - 0
Game 5ThursdayFebruary 14#828411:35pmL2Delirium Tremens FC
Wii Not Fit2 - 9
Game 6ThursdayFebruary 21#829711:35pmL2Wii Not Fit
WhiteWalkers7 - 0
Game 7ThursdayFebruary 28#830910:40pmL2Wii Not Fit
Game of Throwins9 - 4
FinalsThursdayMarch 07#879208:50pmL2Wii Not Fit
Delirium Tremens FC8 - 5