Men's Open League Scoreboard

1.Ask Your Girl FC8783939710021
3.The Lads8624022430112
4.Aches and Pains84272-3026006
5.New Jersey Nets82277-5507010


(Home - Away)
Game 2MondayApril 01#895807:30pmL1Ask Your Girl FC
Toasted9 - 3
Game 3MondayApril 08#896208:30pmL1Aches and Pains
Ask Your Girl FC4 - 12
Game 5MondayApril 15#896808:30pmL1New Jersey Nets
Ask Your Girl FC1 - 10
Game 6MondayApril 22#8973N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 7MondayApril 29#897407:30pmL1Ask Your Girl FC
Toasted7 - 11
Game 7MondayApril 29#898009:30pmL1Ask Your Girl FC
Aches and Pains12 - 3
Game 8ThursdayMay 02#898210:30pmL1The Lads
Ask Your Girl FC5 - 6
Game 8MondayMay 06#897909:30pmL1Ask Your Girl FC
Aches and Pains11 - 7
FinalsMondayMay 13#898507:30pmL1Ask Your Girl FC
Toasted11 - 5