Mia Hamm Sandwhich

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Coed U30 Tuesday League Scoreboard

2.Lynagh's Llamas8713635620018
3.Honey Badgers8594217620018
4.Arden's Army8694821521016
5.Mia Hamm Sandwhich8574017431013
7.Kentucky Blackhawks93371-3826107
8.Kickin' Penguins84474-3026006
9.Mr. Brews Crew92590-6507020


(Home - Away)
Game 2TuesdaySeptember 24#928708:30pmL1Mia Hamm Sandwhich
Kentucky Blackhawks12 - 3
Game 3TuesdayOctober 01#929410:30pmL2BBC
Mia Hamm Sandwhich4 - 8
Game 4TuesdayOctober 08#929607:30pmL1Mia Hamm Sandwhich
Honey Badgers6 - 10
Game 4ThursdayOctober 10#930107:30pmL2Kickin' Penguins
Mia Hamm Sandwhich2 - 11
Game 5TuesdayOctober 15#9306N/AN/ABYEN/A
Game 6TuesdayOctober 22#931110:30pmL1Mia Hamm Sandwhich
Mr. Brews Crew6 - 2
Game 7SundayOctober 27#931508:30pmL2Realcoholics
Mia Hamm Sandwhich10 - 6
Game 8TuesdayOctober 29#931908:30pmL1Arden's Army
Mia Hamm Sandwhich5 - 5
FinalsTuesdayNovember 05#932307:30pmL2Honey Badgers
Mia Hamm Sandwhich4 - 3