Coed U30 Thur League Scoreboard

2.Post Game Beers432161631009
3.Dare to Zlatan42520531009
4.RV Lightning41526-1113003
5.Youre a Wizard, Harry Kane42036-1613003
6.Sweet Chili Heat4629-2304000


(Home - Away)
Game 1ThursdaySeptember 26#928307:30pmL2Post Game Beers
Dare to Zlatan4 - 7
Game 2ThursdayOctober 03#935909:30pmL2Post Game Beers
Sweet Chili Heat11 - 2
Game 3ThursdayOctober 10#936109:30pmL2Post Game Beers
RV Lightning6 - 2
Game 4ThursdayOctober 17#936408:30pmL2Youre a Wizard, Harry Kane
Post Game Beers5 - 11
Game 5TuesdayOctober 22#936708:30pmL2IDK
Post Game BeersN/A
Game 6ThursdayOctober 24#937008:30pmL2Youre a Wizard, Harry Kane
Post Game BeersN/A
Game 7ThursdayOctober 31#937308:30pmL2IDK
Post Game BeersN/A