Men's Open Mon League Scoreboard

1.Paisas Cuh FC8752451800024
2.Winchester United8663828610118
3.Lads on toure8553322530015
4.ChiTown FC852475440012
5.Aches and Pains84151-1035009
7.Average Joe's82665-3926006
8.Filthy Lunatics82771-4426006


(Home - Away)
Game 1MondayJanuary 20#1076608:30pmL1Average Joe's
Lads on toure0 - 9
Game 2MondayJanuary 27#1086908:30pmL1Lads on toure
Freeballers7 - 11
Game 3MondayFebruary 03#1087309:30pmL1Filthy Lunatics
Lads on toure2 - 9
Game 4MondayFebruary 10#1087608:30pmL1Aches and Pains
Lads on toure1 - 6
Game 5MondayFebruary 17#1088208:30pmL1Lads on toure
ChiTown FC11 - 3
Game 6MondayFebruary 24#1088310:30pmL1Lads on toure
Paisas Cuh FC2 - 5
Game 7MondayMarch 02#1091808:30pmL1Lads on toure
Winchester United2 - 11
Game 8MondayMarch 09#1106807:30pmL1Lads on toure
Winchester United9 - 0
FinalsMondayMarch 16#1106508:30pmL1Lads on toure
ChiTown FCN/A