Men's Sunday League Scoreboard

Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays the Men\'s League have a 2 week layoff between the 7th game and the finals
1.Winchester United7641450610018
3.Fruity puffs7584018511016
4.Flaming Diet Dr. Thunder748399511016
5.Toe Suckers7744628520015
6.We Drank More Beer74753-6331010
7.One size fits all74541434009
9.Beta Males73561-2625006
10.US Men's Soccer Team74161-2015104
11.Los Verdes73771-3416003
12.KU GO PROS74879-3107000


(Home - Away)
Game 1SundayNovember 05#356710:00pmL2Toe Suckers
US Men's Soccer Team16 - 7
Game 2SundayNovember 12#368311:20pmL1Flaming Diet Dr. Thunder
Toe Suckers6 - 11
Game 3SundayNovember 19#370411:20pmL2Toe Suckers
Fruity puffs8 - 3
Game 4SundayNovember 26#371511:20pmL1Toe Suckers
Los Verdes14 - 7
Game 5SundayDecember 03#373111:20pmL1We Drank More Beer
Toe Suckers8 - 6
Game 6SundayDecember 10#374711:20pmL1ShoQba
Toe Suckers7 - 5
Game 7SundayDecember 17#376311:20pmL1Toe Suckers
KU GO PROS14 - 8
FinalsSundayJanuary 07#378310:25pmL2Toe Suckers
We Drank More BeerN/A