Men's Sunday - Competitive

1.D R Congo7543717610018
2.Super Mario Strikers7573522511016
3.No Way735332421013
4.pulisic for president7513021430012
5.Wrong way73340-716003
6.Los Chupacabras71772-5507000
*How are standings calculated?
  1. Total points counts first.
  2. If any teams are tied in Points, then Goal Differential (GD) is considered. GD = Goals for (GF) - Goals Allowed (GA)
  3. The next tie breaker is most Goals For
  4. The next tie breaker is least Goals Allowed
  5. The next tie breaker is most Wins.

Schedule of Games

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(Home - Away)
1SundayNovember 05#356109:00pmL1D R Congo
Los Chupacabras12 - 2
1SundayNovember 05#356210:00pmL1No Way
pulisic for president4 - 6
1SundayNovember 05#356311:00pmL1Super Mario Strikers
Wrong way5 - 4
2SundayNovember 12#367907:40pmL1No Way
Super Mario Strikers5 - 5
2SundayNovember 12#368008:35pmL1pulisic for president
Los Chupacabras11 - 2
2SundayNovember 12#368109:30pmL1D R Congo
Wrong way5 - 4
3SundayNovember 19#369507:40pmL1pulisic for president
Super Mario Strikers3 - 5
3SundayNovember 19#369608:35pmL1D R Congo
No Way5 - 2
3SundayNovember 19#369709:30pmL1Los Chupacabras
Wrong way3 - 9
4SundayNovember 26#371107:40pmL1Super Mario Strikers
Los Chupacabras14 - 3
4SundayNovember 26#371208:35pmL1Wrong way
No Way3 - 6
4SundayNovember 26#371309:30pmL1pulisic for president
D R Congo7 - 8
5SundayDecember 03#372707:40pmL1Wrong way
pulisic for president3 - 9
5SundayDecember 03#372808:35pmL1Los Chupacabras
No Way5 - 6
5SundayDecember 03#372909:30pmL1Super Mario Strikers
D R Congo7 - 9
6SundayDecember 10#374408:35pmL1D R Congo
Los Chupacabras9 - 0
6SundayDecember 10#374509:30pmL1No Way
pulisic for president6 - 4
6SundayDecember 10#374610:25pmL1Super Mario Strikers
Wrong way6 - 5
7SundayDecember 17#375907:40pmL1D R Congo
Super Mario Strikers6 - 15
7SundayDecember 17#376008:35pmL1pulisic for president
Los Chupacabras11 - 2
7SundayDecember 17#376109:30pmL1No Way
Wrong way6 - 5
FinalsSundayJanuary 07#377507:40pmL1No Way
pulisic for presidentN/A
FinalsSundayJanuary 07#377608:35pmL1Wrong way
Los ChupacabrasN/A
FinalsSundayJanuary 07#377709:30pmL2D R Congo
Super Mario StrikersN/A