Coed U30 Tuesday - Recreational

1.Real Coholics7613229700021
2.Lowest common denominator7512130601019
3.Lynagh's Llamas7442519421013
4.Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego7443311430012
5.Hakuna Juan Mata73130134009
6.Arden's Army74444034009
7.BBC World73333034009
8.The UnAthleticos74045-534009
9.Cobra Kai Dojo72353-3016003
10.That Green Team72378-5507000
*How are standings calculated?
  1. Total points counts first.
  2. If any teams are tied in Points, then Goal Differential (GD) is considered. GD = Goals for (GF) - Goals Allowed (GA)
  3. The next tie breaker is most Goals For
  4. The next tie breaker is least Goals Allowed
  5. The next tie breaker is most Wins.

Schedule of Games

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(Home - Away)
1TuesdayNovember 07#358107:00pmL2Arden's Army
Real Coholics6 - 7
1TuesdayNovember 07#358207:55pmL2Lynagh's Llamas
Cobra Kai Dojo10 - 1
1TuesdayNovember 07#358308:50pmL2That Green Team
BBC World3 - 7
1TuesdayNovember 07#358409:45pmL2Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego
The UnAthleticos8 - 1
1TuesdayNovember 07#358510:40pmL2Lowest common denominator
Hakuna Juan Mata4 - 3
2TuesdayNovember 14#380207:00pmL2Arden's Army
Lynagh's Llamas4 - 3
2TuesdayNovember 14#380307:55pmL2Real Coholics
Hakuna Juan Mata5 - 3
2TuesdayNovember 14#380408:50pmL2The UnAthleticos
Lowest common denominator4 - 10
2TuesdayNovember 14#380509:45pmL2BBC World
Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego4 - 5
2TuesdayNovember 14#380610:40pmL2Cobra Kai Dojo
That Green Team10 - 4
3TuesdayNovember 21#380707:00pmL1Lowest common denominator
BBC World3 - 2
3TuesdayNovember 21#380807:55pmL1Hakuna Juan Mata
The UnAthleticos6 - 4
3TuesdayNovember 21#380908:50pmL1Lynagh's Llamas
Real Coholics2 - 8
3TuesdayNovember 21#381009:45pmL1That Green Team
Arden's Army4 - 13
3TuesdayNovember 21#381211:35pmL1Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego
Cobra Kai Dojo7 - 2
4TuesdayNovember 28#382407:00pmL2Cobra Kai Dojo
Lowest common denominator0 - 9
4TuesdayNovember 28#382507:55pmL2Arden's Army
Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego6 - 4
4TuesdayNovember 28#382608:50pmL2Lynagh's Llamas
That Green Team12 - 3
4TuesdayNovember 28#382709:45pmL2Real Coholics
The UnAthleticos7 - 5
4TuesdayNovember 28#382811:35pmL2BBC World
Hakuna Juan Mata7 - 2
5TuesdayDecember 05#383007:00pmL1Lowest common denominator
Arden's Army8 - 4
5TuesdayDecember 05#382907:55pmL1Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego
Lynagh's Llamas2 - 9
5TuesdayDecember 05#383108:50pmL1Hakuna Juan Mata
Cobra Kai Dojo7 - 4
5TuesdayDecember 05#383209:45pmL1The UnAthleticos
BBC World7 - 3
5TuesdayDecember 05#383411:35pmL1That Green Team
Real Coholics5 - 14
6TuesdayDecember 12#384007:00pmL1Real Coholics
BBC World10 - 3
6TuesdayDecember 12#384107:55pmL1Cobra Kai Dojo
The UnAthleticos3 - 9
6TuesdayDecember 12#384208:50pmL1Arden's Army
Hakuna Juan Mata3 - 8
6TuesdayDecember 12#384309:45pmL1That Green Team
Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego1 - 10
6TuesdayDecember 12#384511:35pmL1Lynagh's Llamas
Lowest common denominator5 - 5
7TuesdayDecember 19#385107:00pmL1Los Patos Respirantes De Fuego
Real Coholics8 - 10
7TuesdayDecember 19#385207:55pmL1Lowest common denominator
That Green Team12 - 3
7TuesdayDecember 19#385308:50pmL1BBC World
Cobra Kai Dojo7 - 3
7TuesdayDecember 19#385908:50pmL2The UnAthleticos
Arden's Army10 - 8
7TuesdayDecember 19#385409:45pmL1Hakuna Juan Mata
Lynagh's Llamas2 - 3
FinalsTuesdayJanuary 02#386807:00pmL2Lynagh's Llamas
Los Patos Respirantes De FuegoN/A
FinalsTuesdayJanuary 02#386907:55pmL2Hakuna Juan Mata
Arden's ArmyN/A
FinalsTuesdayJanuary 02#387008:50pmL2Real Coholics
Lowest common denominatorN/A
FinalsTuesdayJanuary 02#387109:45pmL2BBC World
The UnAthleticosN/A
FinalsTuesdayJanuary 02#387210:40pmL2Cobra Kai Dojo
That Green TeamN/A