Thursday U30 - Recreational

1.The Pregamers Elite5452025500015
2.Soccer? I Barely Know Her6473116411013
3.Wizards of Ozil535278302011
4.Motion 2 Strike648361233009
6.Pathetico Madrid64036423107
7.Game of Throwins61953-3415003
8.Black & Blue Crew62566-4106000
*How are standings calculated?
  1. Total points counts first.
  2. If any teams are tied in Points, then Goal Differential (GD) is considered. GD = Goals for (GF) - Goals Allowed (GA)
  3. The next tie breaker is most Goals For
  4. The next tie breaker is least Goals Allowed
  5. The next tie breaker is most Wins.

Schedule of Games

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(Home - Away)
1ThursdaySeptember 13#609707:00pmL1Soccer? I Barely Know Her
The Pregamers Elite3 - 4
1ThursdaySeptember 13#609808:00pmL1Motion 2 Strike
Game of Throwins12 - 1
1ThursdaySeptember 13#609909:00pmL1Wizards of Ozil
Mexico5 - 4
1ThursdaySeptember 13#610511:00pmL2Pathetico Madrid
Black & Blue Crew11 - 6
2ThursdaySeptember 20#619207:30pmL1Motion 2 Strike
Wizards of Ozil7 - 9
2ThursdaySeptember 20#619408:30pmL1The Pregamers Elite
Mexico6 - 1
2ThursdaySeptember 20#619810:30pmL1Soccer? I Barely Know Her
Pathetico Madrid10 - 5
2ThursdaySeptember 20#619910:30pmL2Game of Throwins
Black & Blue Crew5 - 4
3ThursdaySeptember 27#620107:30pmL1Black & Blue Crew
Soccer? I Barely Know Her5 - 12
3ThursdaySeptember 27#620308:30pmL1Mexico
Game of Throwins9 - 0
3ThursdaySeptember 27#620408:30pmL2Wizards of Ozil
The Pregamers EliteN/A
3ThursdaySeptember 27#620710:30pmL1Pathetico Madrid
Motion 2 Strike4 - 5
4ThursdayOctober 04#621007:30pmL1Soccer? I Barely Know Her
Motion 2 Strike7 - 6
4ThursdayOctober 04#621208:30pmL1Game of Throwins
Wizards of Ozil2 - 7
4ThursdayOctober 04#621610:30pmL1Black & Blue Crew
The Pregamers Elite3 - 16
4ThursdayOctober 04#621710:30pmL2Mexico
Pathetico Madrid4 - 2
5ThursdayOctober 11#621907:30pmL1The Pregamers Elite
Motion 2 Strike11 - 8
5ThursdayOctober 11#622108:30pmL1Wizards of Ozil
Soccer? I Barely Know Her9 - 9
5ThursdayOctober 11#622208:30pmL2Black & Blue Crew
Mexico3 - 12
5ThursdayOctober 11#622510:30pmL1Pathetico Madrid
Game of Throwins13 - 6
6ThursdayOctober 18#622807:30pmL1Game of Throwins
The Pregamers Elite5 - 8
6ThursdayOctober 18#623008:30pmL1Soccer? I Barely Know Her
Mexico6 - 2
6ThursdayOctober 18#623410:30pmL1Motion 2 Strike
Black & Blue Crew10 - 4
6ThursdayOctober 18#623510:30pmL2Wizards of Ozil
Pathetico Madrid5 - 5
7ThursdayOctober 25#623707:30pmL1Mexico
Motion 2 StrikeN/A
7ThursdayOctober 25#623908:30pmL1Game of Throwins
Soccer? I Barely Know HerN/A
7ThursdayOctober 25#624008:30pmL2Black & Blue Crew
Wizards of OzilN/A
7ThursdayOctober 25#624310:30pmL1The Pregamers Elite
Pathetico MadridN/A
FinalsThursdayNovember 01#624808:30pmL1Finals vs. TBDN/A
FinalsThursdayNovember 01#624908:30pmL2Finals vs. TBDN/A
FinalsThursdayNovember 01#625210:30pmL1Finals vs. TBDN/A
FinalsThursdayNovember 01#624511:30pmL2Finals vs. TBDN/A