Tuesday U30 - Competitive

1.Real Coholics8673433611019
2.Average Joes8553124521016
3.Kobra Kai Dojo73142-1114205
4.KyD Loitte72470-4605202
*How are standings calculated?
  1. Total points counts first.
  2. If any teams are tied in Points, then Goal Differential (GD) is considered. GD = Goals for (GF) - Goals Allowed (GA)
  3. The next tie breaker is most Goals For
  4. The next tie breaker is least Goals Allowed
  5. The next tie breaker is most Wins.

Schedule of Games

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(Home - Away)
1TuesdaySeptember 11#609408:00pmL2Real Coholics
KyD Loitte4 - 4
1TuesdaySeptember 11#609310:00pmL2Average Joes
Kobra Kai Dojo4 - 4
2TuesdaySeptember 18#615309:00pmL2Kobra Kai Dojo
KyD Loitte12 - 1
2TuesdaySeptember 18#615410:00pmL2Real Coholics
Average Joes4 - 3
3TuesdaySeptember 25#615909:00pmL2Real Coholics
Kobra Kai Dojo12 - 5
3TuesdaySeptember 25#616010:00pmL2Average Joes
KyD Loitte8 - 2
4TuesdayOctober 02#616509:00pmL2Real Coholics
KyD Loitte16 - 5
4TuesdayOctober 02#616610:00pmL2Average Joes
Kobra Kai Dojo7 - 1
5TuesdayOctober 09#617109:00pmL2Kobra Kai Dojo
KyD Loitte4 - 4
5TuesdayOctober 09#617210:00pmL2Real Coholics
Average Joes5 - 7
6TuesdayOctober 16#617709:00pmL2Real Coholics
Kobra Kai Dojo4 - 3
6TuesdayOctober 16#617810:00pmL2Average Joes
KyD Loitte12 - 5
7TuesdayOctober 23#618309:00pmL2Real Coholics
KyD Loitte14 - 3
7TuesdayOctober 23#618410:00pmL2Average Joes
Kobra Kai Dojo10 - 2
FinalsTuesdayOctober 30#618909:00pmL2Real Coholics
Average Joes8 - 4
FinalsTuesdayOctober 30#619010:00pmL2Kobra Kai Dojo
KyD LoitteN/A