Coed Social Thursday - Social

1.Game of Throwins841329620018
2.Bed bath and Beyoncé848408530015
3.Delirium tremens fc8503911431013
4.The Phoenix8463511431013
5.Biofreeze and Beer851492440012
*How are standings calculated?
  1. Total points counts first.
  2. If any teams are tied in Points, then Goal Differential (GD) is considered. GD = Goals for (GF) - Goals Allowed (GA)
  3. The next tie breaker is most Goals For
  4. The next tie breaker is least Goals Allowed
  5. The next tie breaker is most Wins.

Schedule of Games

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(Home - Away)
1ThursdayNovember 08#6281N/AN/AGame of Throwins - BYEN/A
1ThursdayNovember 08#627210:40pmL1The Phoenix
Biofreeze and Beer6 - 2
1ThursdayNovember 08#627311:35pmL1WhiteWalkers
Bed bath and Beyoncé0 - 9
2ThursdayNovember 15#653907:55pmL1WhiteWalkers
Game of Throwins5 - 6
2ThursdayNovember 15#654210:40pmL1The Phoenix
Delirium tremens fc8 - 6
2ThursdayNovember 15#655011:35pmL2Bed bath and Beyoncé
Biofreeze and Beer5 - 12
3ThursdayNovember 29#655907:00pmL2Biofreeze and Beer
Delirium tremens fc9 - 6
3ThursdayNovember 29#655610:40pmL1Bed bath and Beyoncé
Game of Throwins9 - 4
3ThursdayNovember 29#656310:40pmL2The Phoenix
WhiteWalkers10 - 2
4ThursdayDecember 06#656707:55pmL1Game of Throwins
Biofreeze and Beer10 - 2
4ThursdayDecember 06#656808:50pmL1Delirium tremens fc
WhiteWalkers5 - 4
4ThursdayDecember 06#657111:35pmL1Bed bath and Beyoncé
The Phoenix3 - 6
5ThursdayDecember 13#658007:00pmL1Biofreeze and Beer
WhiteWalkers11 - 7
5ThursdayDecember 13#658208:50pmL1Game of Throwins
The Phoenix4 - 3
5ThursdayDecember 13#658309:45pmL1Delirium tremens fc
Bed bath and Beyoncé7 - 3
6ThursdayDecember 20#659810:40pmL1The Phoenix
Biofreeze and Beer5 - 8
6ThursdayDecember 20#659911:35pmL1WhiteWalkers
Bed bath and Beyoncé4 - 9
6SundayDecember 23#660708:35pmL1Game of Throwins
Delirium tremens fc2 - 1
7SundayDecember 30#662609:35pmL2Delirium tremens fc
Game of Throwins9 - 6
7ThursdayJanuary 03#662108:50pmL2WhiteWalkers
Game of Throwins2 - 6
7ThursdayJanuary 03#661509:45pmL1Bed bath and Beyoncé
Biofreeze and Beer5 - 4
7ThursdayJanuary 03#661610:40pmL1The Phoenix
Delirium tremens fc7 - 7
FinalsThursdayJanuary 10#736508:50pmL2Game of Throwins
The Phoenix3 - 1
FinalsThursdayJanuary 10#736409:45pmL2Delirium tremens fc
WhiteWalkers9 - 0
FinalsThursdayJanuary 10#737211:35pmL2Bed bath and Beyoncé
Biofreeze and Beer5 - 3