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In order for your team to be included in the published schedules, you must have paid the minimum down-payment by the given deadline. NO REFUNDS AFTER THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED.
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Enter your roster information below. This is recommended since it gives your team manager a helping hand, and we all know they could use it. If you're paying for someone else or your child, please enter their (i.e., the player's) information below.

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Please read the important information below:

  • T-shirts are only provided to winning teams in Winter 1 and Winter 2.
  • All officials will be USSF or USINDOOR certified. You may not pre-select your official
  • Schedules are posted on our website and it is necessary that each team have at least one player with website capabilities.
  • A team roster is due prior to the first game. It may be changed until the end of the third game.
  • The team contact is responsible for the entire team fee or its collection.
  • A final team roster must be submitted by the end of the third game at which point it is frozen. Teams that play with a non-registered player risk forfeiture of that match, but ONLY if the opponent protests the game at the time it is playing.
  • We do not check rosters prior to each match. If a roster check is requested and the team in question has not submitted one, an automatic forfeit will be given.
  • Each roster form has a disclaimer. This must be provided to all team members by the team contact.