Kentucky Indoor is now hosting a new soccer training program that allows your son or daughter to receive the best soccer training around Lexington. This program provides the quickest way to build up skills while having fun all at the same time. Kids will be working on passing, dribbling, defense and of course shooting. This is the easiest way to get hands on experience with a college coach while learning about the game. Each program can be built around your son/daughters needs while in a group setting. Take a look at the programs below to figure out which program will fit your needs.

Running the program will be Rachel Gutowski who came to us from Marietta College as the Women’s Assistant Soccer Coach. A brief bio will be provided at the bottom of this page for more info on our coach.

If you would like to purchase training, please email or call Kentucky Indoor at 859-219-1499.

Turf Tots (2-5 Years Old) (M W 3:25 or 4:25)

If your youngster is looking for some fun group training with a few friends, this training package is right for them! Learning about the game of soccer, playing fun games, and working on simple ball skills starts the beginning of a fun future of playing soccer. Boys and girls will learn how to play with the ball while having a good time running around on the pitch.

1 Session – $15

10 Sessions – $140

20 Sessions – $260

Mighty Kids (6-9 Year Old) (M W 3:25 or 4:25)

This group training is for everyone looking for a little more help on the field or maybe it is the beginning of a new sport. All our friends in this group are here to have a good time, learn how to dribble, pass, and shoot. We will also be teaching about the different positions on the field so if you don’t know where your child will fit in yet, no worries! We are here to help.

1 Session – $15

10 Sessions – $140

20 Sessions – $260

Power Kickers (10-13 Years Old) (M W 3:25 or 4:25)

Is your middle school kid looking for some new skills, a fun group of people, and of course interested in playing soccer, look no farther! In this group we will be going over the pace of the game, explaining how to have the skills to compete against tough competition and will explain how to use the skills you learn from indoor soccer to all environments.

1 Session – $20

10 Sessions – $140

20 Sessions – $320

Rise Ups (14-18 Year Old) (M W 3:25 or 4:25)

In this group, we will be teaching the high school students about the game and how to compete at the highest level possible whether you have never played soccer or have been playing for years. We will be playing games while working on specific drills to increase skills in the fastest way possible to get your son/daughter ready for future seasons.

1 Session – $25

10 Sessions – $220

20 Sessions – $400

5 Dollar Skill Friday’s  (Fri 5-6pm)

Come in, come all! If you are looking for a fun training session, each week we will go over new skills from 5-6pm for only 5 Dollars! There is no age group for this because kids of all ages can participate. Whether you’re looking for the basics or a brand new move, all are welcome.

College Profile’s

If your High School son/daughter is looking to play in college and have no idea what to do to get them on the team of their dreams, no worries! We can create your college profile to give to coaches all over the country. We can also give pointers on how to deal with college coaches and explain exactly what they’re looking for. Email the contact below for more information.

Rachel Gutowski comes to Kentucky Indoor as our new Program Director and is very excited to build a new foundation within the KY Indoor family.

Gutowski graduated in 2014 from Wilmington College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management Wellness and a minor in Coaching. She was a four-time All-OAC defender and earned All-Ohio honors in each of her final three seasons. Gutowski finished her career with six goals and 16 assists. She led the Quakers in assists her sophomore and senior seasons.

After graduation, Gutowski worked at Marietta College as the Women’s Assistant Soccer coach for 2 years with the Pioneers. Throughout her tenure, she designed and implemented an intense training program for soccer players to stay in shape while increasing skills during season and in the off season. Another big part of the position was working with future recruits and making sure players would be a good fit in the program.

Gutowski has worked as a youth coach in various clinics the last three years. She completed internships with Fast Twitch Performance Enhancement and Cross-Fit.

Gutowski was also very active in the Wilmington community volunteering with various organizations including Relay For Life, Clinton County Youth Center, Peace Resource Center and Cardboard Village.